'jux·ta·po·si·tion': the instance of placing two contrasting things close together often to create an interesting effect.

Back in middle school, I remember I would spend hours making sure my Powerpoint template, colors, font, and spacing were just right before even considering adding the words for my class presentation. The right look and feel was so relevant to me that I couldn’t even think about content until I nailed the feel. Yet, I was also the type that would check the school’s GPA calculation against my own carefully constructed excel spreadsheet; accuracy and efficiency were so rewarding for me. 

My intuitive sense for presence and feel, combined with my need to achieve accurate precision may sound counter-intuitive - like mixing oil and water – but for me, this synergy is my passion, and this is what differentiates my work.

As I got older and began adopting a technical career pursuit in computer science, I still couldn’t abandon my love of design. Once again, I couldn’t seem to reconcile these two viewpoints. But as I learned more about the potential within computer science, I found an intersection of analytics and abstraction…of coding and design, that represented the combined platform I was always chasing. 

My projects represent my intuitive drive towards innovation and design, which is uniquely guided by an empathetic approach of user-focused coding. Instead of oil and water, these opposing viewpoints actually create a dynamic harmony. This new user-centric approach of innovation taught me to use my empathy of design to develop the framework, code, and architecture of products - guiding it to the user. This is what I'm passionate about: wielding empathy to create value added products.

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